Test Chamber 09 // GEO Mini Lightbar


At Feniex, we take quality seriously. All new products go through a strict series of certified reliability tests before they are released for production. From there, each and every product is tested multiple times before shipping. Chamber 09 is not part of that, but it's the world's most intense "quality test."

Created by Feniex's daredevil product team, Chamber 09 subjects products like the GEO Mini Lightbar to vibration, moisture and heat...and a 4th "Wildcard" test.

Will it pass? Watch to find out..


Find out more info on the GEO Mini Lightbar here: https://www.feniex.com/lightbars/geo-series-mini-lightbar



Ed Hanley (not verified) , Feb 02 2019 - 3:11am
So it fails the hydraulic test. You need to make the light bar out of metal and not plastic. That's the design flaw now..
Mike Kaufmann (not verified) , Feb 02 2019 - 8:10pm
Let's see the testing that shows extreme cold! My Apollos handled -40 with -58 windchill like a champ!