We’re Going Off-Road!

The Feniex Off Road division is shaping up to be the most advanced collection of off-road products the world has ever seen. Leading the charge is the AI Light Bar. This light bar has built-in AI technology designed to help off roaders navigate the night. The light bar has many features including variable focus lenses, dimming and an AI mode where the light bar will sync with an internal GPS and self adjust as your driving without manual input. That’s only a few of the features– learn more about the rest here.

In addition to the AI Series, we will also be introducing our AI Cube, the world’s brightest cube light. This cube light (or pod light) is engineered to work seamlessly with your AI Series lightbar or all on its own. Either way, its features the same adjustability, incredible brightness and dimming capabilities as the AI Series lightbar.

Handling the back-end of your vehicle is the RFC Lightstick, capable of stop, tail, turn, and cargo lighting options. This light bar or stick is critical for ensuring drivers behind you keep a safe distance, whether you’re off-roading or racing.  

Next up is the all-important rock lights. Ours are called the Cannon R.L.’s. These rock lights come in single or dual colors and are powerfully bright. They do the job and they look awesome while doing it.

Controlling it all is the reliable Feniex 4200 Mini controller. We designed this controller to  withstand the harshest environments of the emergency industry and are excited to now be able to bring it off-road!

Feniex will never stop evolving and we will never stop innovating. We can’t wait to hear from you and see how you use all these products. See you on the trails!