The Hammer

Grabbing the attention of distracted motorists and pedestrians is essential for first responders who charge into the face of danger. This is one of the many reasons Feniex has  developed the Hammer, an ultra-clear, low-frequency siren. The Hammer produces powerful sound waves to help emergency responders clear intersections quickly and safely. The Hammer features the latest in low-frequency technology, taking existing tones and replaying them through a low frequency (rather than synchronizing with existing siren tones). The result is powerfully clear and consistent dual-frequency outputs.

The Hammer isn’t just a low frequency siren, though: it’s an all-in-one system that includes a built-in siren, amplifier and speaker. The system receives siren tones, reduces them to 1/4 of the incoming frequency then replays them through the 6'' speaker. The result is powerfully clear and consistent dual-frequency outputs. Simply put, the Hammer is the most advanced low frequency siren on the market.

Not only is the Hammer the most advanced low frequency siren, but it’s one of the most affordable and adaptive. The Hammer is molded from fiberglass reinforced Nylon casing, which  ensures the 6'' waterproof speaker and 100 watt amplifier remains clear and won't die-out. In addition, the Hammer is corrosion-resistant and built to stand the test of time. Another industry-shattering capability that the Hammer brings is its universal integration. This means it will intergate and work flawlessly with any every siren on the market.

You heard that right! No matter the brand, the Hammer will integrate with your existing siren and perform reliably and with the innovative capabilities you can always expect from Feniex.

The Hammer comes standard with 2 programmable modes and 7 self-activated tones: Phaser,, Slow Yelp,, PCall Slow,, Wail, Mechanical, Hi-Lo and our custom Hammer tone.. These tones will give the first responder operating the Hammer the ability to choose the tone that works best in any emergency response situation.

The Hammer is built with first responders in mind, which is why it is also one of the most affordable low frequency sirens on the market. The Hammer isn’t just for big city departments, its affordable price makes it the best choice for medium, small departments and large departments looking to outfit an entire fleet of vehicles.

Like all Feniex products the Hammer is built in the United States. We proudly manufacture the Hammer in our home of Austin, Texas to ensure the quality, reliability and innovation that are the trademarks of Feniex. In addition, we perform rigorous quality tests on every single product before it leaves our facility.

The Hammer is now available to all Feniex Dealers and Distributors. If you would like to make an inquiry on pricing please click here. If you are not currently a Feniex dealer or distributor and would like to apply so that you can start selling the most advanced low frequency American made siren on market CLICK HERE.