2018 Highlight Reel

Here's a look at our favorite moments from the last year at Feniex! We introduced over 18 new products for the world’s toughest jobs and had fun destroying, er...quality testing them. Feniex Industries is the fastest growing brand in emergency lighting thanks to thousands of fans and dealers all over the world. We engineer the best technology at the most affordable cost right here in the United States so first responders all over the world don't have to sacrifice quality for value.

Take an inside look at the top moments of 2018:

  • Taking the Hammer, our low frequency siren, to the shooting range 0:07
  • Testing our new and improved Fusion GPL against the intensity of a 110 PSI firehose 0:09
  • Pitting our demo cars against each other in a donut challenge 0:11
  • Putting products to the test in Chamber 09 0:16
  • Steamrolling our Fusion GPL (it still worked!) 0:20
  • Continuously improving our production process with the latest innovations in manufacturing 0:24
  • Introducing a line of products (like this one) for utility vehicles 0:25
  • Testing the brightness of our demo vehicles on the race track 0:30
  • Taking our AI Lightbar off-road 0:31
  • Seeing some 3D print action from our engineers 0:36
  • Freezing our AM600 Beacon (It passed) 0:39
  • Having some fun with an Office Olympics party and Nerf War 0:42
  • Showing off some classic products like the Typhoon and introducing some new ones like the AM900 Work Light 0:51

We can't wait to hear more of your stories and show off more of your builds this upcoming year...and many more to come!